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Rapid advances in computer technology and computer algebra algorithms and software packages have propelled symbolic analysis into a vibrant and rapidly advancing field that impacts all areas of computational mathematics. The tools of symbolic analysis are playing an increasingly essential role in mathematics, physics, computer science, engineering, and even biological, financial and other applications. Within mathematics, symbolic analysis has direct bearing on such diverse fields as algebra, differential geometry, differential equations, combinatorics, mathematical physics, and the design of numerical algorithms.

The purpose of the FoCM Symbolic Analysis Interest Group (SAIG) is to foster the development of the subject, facilitate interactions among diverse researchers, and to develop strong links with all areas covered by the Society's activities. To this end SAIG sponsors an highly successful workshop at the triennial FoCM conferences.
We welcome participation by people with interests in all aspects of symbolic analysis, and hope to develop this web site into an important nexus that can be used to coordinate research, conferences, contacts, research announcements and news, links to web pages and papers, and discussions within the broad symbolic analysis community.

Currently, the SAIG web page contains contact details for people researching, writing software, applying or simply interested in various aspects of symbolic analysis. A simple search facility allows you to find people who are expert, interested or involved in the various resesarch areas. We also have links to relevant software and recent conference websites.

Suggestions for additional items to include in the web page are welcome.
Please contact Andrew Martin, or use this form, to update your own contact details, have links to conferences or job opportunities inserted, or simply to give your feedback.

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