A new improved version is due soon(ish). The new version will have new features for replacing arbitrary strings in TeX files with Maple expressions and/or plots. I have also corrected a few bugs and problems in the original code. I also hope to re-write a lot of the original code to improve file handling.

This is the home page for TeXtools, a MAPLE package designed to aid the production of typeset exercise sets. It allows one to use the computer algebra package MAPLE to produce 'LaTeXed' exercise sheets.

The latest version of TeXtools is version 1.3.2 (Dated 14 August 2001). To determine the version number look at the top of the source code. If you install a newer version of the source code it is advised that you download and install the new versions of all the other files also.

Any comments about the use of the package should be sent to AGMweb@ilovemaths.co.uk
I would also like to hear what people do with this package.
TeXtools and related documentation is © Copyright 2001 Andrew Martin. It is provided free of charge without warranty of any kind.

© Copyright 2001 Andrew Martin
Last updated:14thAugust 2001